Windows Home Networking Series: A How To Guide

This ultimate how to guide will help you setup simple windows home network projects using a spare windows machine and only free software. Believe it or not you can do a lot of things with your spare windows machine that you never thought were possible. I will take you step by step in this series and explain everything each step of the way with some tips and tricks to improve your projects. Best of all this guide will require little to no money at all.

The goal of this guide is to not only document my experience through my second passion of writing but to pass on the knowledge to any one who it will benefit. I also wanted to keep it simple so others could follow along at their own pace without getting overly complicated. To accomplish this task I challenged my self to using only free software and a spare windows machine.

This step by step guide is intended for those who are experienced power users of the Windows Operating System (Windows OS) but is written to be understandable by the average user. In this guide I will use free and mostly open source software which will cost you $0 but you are encouraged to donate to the projects which were developed with out pay to the developer.


  1. Internet Connection (min 2Mbps)
  2. Spare Windows Machine (min 4Gb of RAM)
  3. Some Knowledge of computer

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